Monday, July 5, 2010


Maybe for the first time ever.. and i hope it is the last time also... i feel like writing about a hopeless community of people.. 'the politicians of India today'...maybe, this is just RAJNEETI-the movie speaking in my head... coming out today because of the bharat- bandh that happened on july 5th and the violence that resulted.. ! it is sad to see the rape of an aam aadmi... by people who pledge and pretend to be the God of the country and run it!
In the the kissa of kursi and power, whoever wins, the govt. or the opposition , i hardly care!!...
because i know the one who will loose... the one who will suffer... the one who will have to bite the dust from either ends... will always be you..n.. me... the junta...!
with the govt. refusing any roll-back in the price hike... who pays the price? we THE JUNTA.... and with the opposition playing hartaal.. who paid the price? who lost their lives?...we THE JUNTA.. the aam aadmi, the mango man!
congress increases the price and rapes the budget of people, opposition declares bandh raping the financial statics of the country.. !
talking of stats... i just read in figure that just due to one day of bandh... the RBI suffered a loss of some thousand crores... freak! now will these rich-ass politicians pay it from their black pockets? hah!
And what about people who, due to closure had to survive empty-stomach? how unfair was it for people who survive on tiffins and mess and restaurants... wasn't it like a forced hunger-strike for them? and benefited who?? no-one, except for aiding to the rivalry of the parties..
but well.. i think.. it is a waste of time even writing over this... who congress, who BJP... from where i am looking..they're all just wild goons seeking power and attention... and screwing aam aadmi for completely personal interests...
had BJP been in power... congress would have done the same...!
just maybe a suggestion...or maybe a request.. for all the bandhs to come... with the closure of shops and putting a halt to normal life of people... i wish the violent minds also stop their violent acts... and the politicians stop their dirty games... even if for a day.. i think that, for a change might help the country..!
peace.. ('')

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


a hand to hold her tears..
a voice that drives away her fears..
the fingers that detangle her locks..
is of the man she loves..!

the eyes that can pierce..
the ear, everything they want to hear..
the thoughts that touch her soul..
is of the man she loves....!

the strength that drives her will..
the calmness to caress her sudden shrills..
the words that blow her tears dry..
is of the man she loves...!

the kisses that linger..
the hugs that were undone...
the trust she always deserved...
were of the man she loves..!

the man who couldn't reciprocate her love..
the man who gave her a lifetime of regret..
for all the moments of love she expected...
the man she'll never stop loving...!!!!!