Sunday, April 27, 2008


never have i fallen like this before,
but im quickly on my way..
mother, i've always rested my heart in your hands,
that has never before been given away!!

i love the way you make me so happy,
and the ways you show you care..
i love the way you say "TRUST ME"
and the way you are always there!!

i love the way you solve my worries,
and wish for me to be fine..
i love that you are always with me,
and i am so glad that you are mine!!

i love your warm smile
and your kind,thoughtfull way..
i love the way you scold me first,
and then teach me to smile everyday!!

i love it when i am with you,
and problems seem to drift away..
my trust continues to grow for you.
with each passing day!!

you bring a joy to my heart,
i have never felt with anyone now or before..
with each touch of your caressing hand,
i trust you more and more!!

you love me when i am happy,
and even when im sad..
you love when im good,
and you love me more..when im oh! so bad!!

you tell me what it is to share life together,
an that 'forgiving' is what one should do..
you tell me what it is to work side-by-side,
and how it feels when dreams come true!!

to have you is to have someone special,
upon whom you can always depend..
you have shared my laughter and tears,
as a partner,a lover and a friend!!

to have you is to make special memories,
of moments i love to recall..
from all the good things that life brings,
mother, you are greatest of all!!

there is a special world for you and me,
there is a special bond one can not see..
like silken threads it holds us fast,
bonds like this are meant to last!!

for you i would walk the hottest desert sand,
or cross the river most wide..
but i can not make it up to you,
for always being there by my side!!

for you are the one,my blue fairy!
that has stepped out of my dreams..
you have given me my first breath mother,
and showed me what caring means!!

i can write like this,
from first light until when stars begin to shine..
but like all good things i'll have to end,
with these few closing lines..

these seven words that i would now say,
i pray you will always hold true..

"forever and always mother,
i will always 'LOVE YOU'!!"


so well!! this was to thank the person who has always been with me good times or bad..the person who has given me all i have today..thank you mother!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

reading about my sure u will love to go through these pics and videos...!!!enjoy..!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

colourful world through my grey cells..


Well!!! Being a teen, I can proudly say that I have a total MESS made of my life..(Proudly b’cuz this is how a teen can know that all is going normal in his life!!)..fight with mom, grounded at home..No pocket cellphones!!This is quiet a routine I have these days! But then at the end I have a satisfaction that whatever I loose or give up on my will…I will always have one thing in my hand for sure..And those are my FRNZZ!!(Hey, don’t u think that this is just another write-up explaining the morals and pillars of good friendship..Instead this is about realizing the need for frnz!! It’s now that I know that with all wrong I do…I need my frnzz not to drag me away from problems (which is what they are always supposed to do) but most of the time to be a part of my mess..Holding my hand…squeezed up side-by-side..pinching and whispering “guys! We are screwd..but thank god we are in this together!!”

Everything and anything becomes a memory if with frnzz….but wait a while!!this hasn’t exactly been the way how I always interpreted things..!!I remember like until last month or so..I just thought ..that frnzz are like the ‘SPARE-WHEEL’ that you take out at times of trouble..(This is because of my mis-interpretation of a line that has always been taught to us..From huggies to halters…BETA! A FRND IN NEED IS A FRND INDEED..

)..It has always been about ME..ME..and ME…!!(I know I totally sound like a nutcase!! How can sum body think like that!!)…but that’s not how things are with me now!! This whole grand transaction from ME…to..WE..Has just turned me upside down..(just like M…to..W!!)it is like one long chapter finished and now I could move on to a new one..

after that ‘never-to – forget’ day when I broke my leg..and all my frnzz came over to spend the whole day with me..taking care of the minutest of the things-from resting my leg in their hands so that it does not pickng up spoon for me..or filling a glass of water and even screaming if I don’t drink it..(I wanted to say that guys!!im not tank is full!! But couldn’t)..and then those teasing and pulling – my- leg sessions which I used to hate..and that stupid spin – the- bottle game!!(I always thought that it is a sick game..cmmon how can somebody be so honest in front of everyone just because that dumb DHAKKAN stopped and pointed at you..and how are you supposed to know that the other one is being honest??) but that day it was what I wanted to do for the next ten hours..knowing the deepest secrets and for the first time..i said all that I wanted to and that too TRUTH!!that day..keeping the pain and plaster out of tracks..gave me the most precious thing of my life…………… friends!!and a big realization that I need my frnz..for the first time ever…I understood what sakshi meant by saying “being emotionally married” in her blog “being friends”..

now I know that I need my friends not just to share deep secrets but to be able to speak anything and everything whenever you want to..not just to hangout and pass my time..but to make every moment I spend with them a memorable one..not just to share dvd’s , vcd’s or music albums but to know what he/she likes or dislikes..and finally I need my frnz not just to share lunch box at skul or a drink at mcd’s but to share the most precious thing I have..MYSELF..

my frnzz (or any frnd for that matter..) are not a spare wheel to take out in trouble but is a “STEERING WHEEL” to guide me through all the ways (right or wrong) that I want to walk on!!...thanks guys!!For being there!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

last day at skul!!!

april 2,2008

so well this marked the end ov my so called "GREEN N SALAD DAYS"...wid no signs ov the future.. n all memories of the past..this is a poem by my frnzz about our skul...about the best times ov our life..of the best place to alma mater...cheerzz!!to d best chapter ov my buk..enjoy...

Last Day at School…

Its jus this one day that u get,

For de rest 12yrs of which u have to recollect,

Memories of incidents n fun with de friends,

On de day for which u pray it never ends...

When we bunked together n de marks were too few,

Thinking that another semester we have to continue,

Somehow struggling for marks enough to get passed,

Knowing that towards de canteen now we’ll have to rush up fast.

Not only then it was that we used to hide,

Running behind de bushes…squeezing up side by side,

Skipping up a heartbeat when de teacher caught our view,

Telling to each other, “Hey guys! Now we’re screwed…”

When we got together to study,

De time would never end,

Coz we always ended up gossiping about de latest trend,

At de time of exams…de things got worse,

When they got over ‘twas a boon! But de result was another curse…

With de GK test around,

Thinking what’s going on?

Planning to bunk it tomorrow,

N de next day…peeping for de answer to be passed on…

Always successful in escaping de class,

By jumping thru de window…despite of that wall,

Sincerely attending those BSt. Lectures,

Being a science student after all…!

Standing like professionals in front of de ice-cream parlour,

Begging for money n explaining our hunger,

But when professionalism gave up…we searched de roads,

To find some 1rupee coins or 2rupee notes…

Shouting at de fete…jiving at dandianites,

Simply laughing at de boys being beaten up outside,

From forgetting de badges to keeping de shoes clean,

From running in de hockey field to cleaning de school canteen!

Desperate to enjoy school life,

Planning to bunk de school n show our guts,

12 years went like a breeze…

N every time de scene is, “U first, no u first!”

It’s here where u walked in to learn,

With 2small ponies somewhere back in de queue,

Surrounded by taps open with tears,

And Miss Joshi staring at u!

Despite of the principal’s terror,

Apart from de captains’ rule,

I wish I could double de time spent here,

Just like de letter O in de word- School !!

So now as I terminate my poem on this note,

Its good-bye to my teachers n ‘thank god’ for de rest,

Transcribing 12 years of my life in these 12paras,

Not forgetting de times of mischief n zest,

I feel proud to wear this brand named MGD,

Having my roots firm, now as I fly out of my nest,

From cheering n fighting for de school

To crying in V std. for de monthly tests,

From ‘MGD is the best’

to ‘Our Utmost for the Highest’.