Monday, February 9, 2009

Falling Leaves

I was thinking of old friends today

and how many of them have slipped away.

Moved, got married, or stopped calling so much,

Found new friends, got busy,
and just lost touch.

It reminded me of falling leaves .

Every autumn the leaves fall from the trees.

Some stay longer than others
, but eventually -

Each leaf must fall, I'm told,

leaving the tree alone to face the cold.

Why is it that in the time of utmost need

the leaves would seek to leave the tree?

And when we need our friends around

we look and they cannot be found?

Of course these friendships come and go

and in the spring new leaves will grow.

But I prefer autumn friends of old

with crackling laughter and colors bold.

And then I thought of you.

That one stubborn leaf that won't let go.

That clings despite the winds that blow.

Fighting ice, and snow, and winter's stings

Hanging on right through till spring.

So I guess that's what you are to me -

The very last leaf to leave the tree.

I know it seems silly, but it's true.

When I see that last leaf...I think of you.

....don't drift away.... will you???

although it is not my own creation...but still a lot of things in my life right now are no less than shedding autumn leaves...

but that again reminds me of a quote....

"When a leaf falls from a tree, it is not falling,it is just setting itself free!!!"

so maybe their is positive side for all this that is happening...

i choose to have faith...

love ~nix!


Sakshi said...


Praveen said...

no matter what there will be atleast one leaf as u leaf which will always be true to the tree..the one friend who will always be true to us..

Rajesh said...

Philosophical!!! For a moment i thot if it was ur own write-up but nice enuf that u hav compared it so well..

Anyway dont have to feel dejected or something.. EVERYTHING IN LIFE HAPPENS FOR A REASON

The Maverick said...


Tara said...

Aww! Kya ho gaya? :| Yes, I agree with Rajesh here, everything in life does happen for a reason, we may not realize it now, but when we do, we'd be grateful. :) Cheer up girlie! :D

Tara said...

You are tagged. :)

Tara said...

You are tagged. :)

nikkita said...

chilax baby..:D

nikkita said...

hmm..true..but i wish my frnz make a diff..cuz wen i think of the last leaf..i have more than one person in my mind..
i choose to have faith..

nikkita said...

though everything happens for a reason..but many a times those reasons arise without any rhyme or reason..

nikkita said...

@uncle fam...
... ;)

nikkita said...

nothin yaar..just like that...mood swings...maybe..

nikkita said...

btw..does that mean that i am tagged twicey?

dating we8 said...

achha haii

The Maverick said...

Hey Laddu!
Start writing again..."I" need you to.
And yes, All the Best for your A.I.I.M.S. Attempt.
Praying for you.
God bless you Sweetheart.
"Uncle Fam...Pham" (I wish I could sit for a spellathon/spelling bee during my junior years!)

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