Sunday, May 24, 2009


"They say God sends 
people in your life for a REASON..
sometimes or a for a while 
and some for a season..
but with you i know it is for a lifetime..
ok cut, this time, 
NO RHYME.. :p"

ahem-ahem! so, somebody has just kissed another year a 'goodbye'..... HAPPY BUDDAY BEEP! :) ..

ok.. SAKSHI ARORA..i guess people already know her here..she's one of those rare-strange-souls..that u come across in life
 very rarely...believe me when i say it..
"special" is the word maybe i will use to describe someone like of a kind..totally boisterous-merrymaking types..(just like meeh!) :p

remember BEEP! you asked me once.."agar mere jaise 'psycho' dost ho tere, to kya hoga??" and i replied.." hoga kya.. KHOOB JAMEGI YAAR..!!"..and see i was right..:)
she makes the last piece of this puzzle fall right into place...

"people come into your life for a REASON, a 
SEASON or A LIFETIME..when u figure it out..that's when things fall into place.." :)

* when they come for a REASON..
it is usually to meet a need (i needed a tucchi dost..)'ve expressed outwardly or inwardly..(i asked God..that why was my life so not-happening n see he sent you..for the 'twist' ;) )

* when they come for a SEASON..
'cuz maybe its your turn now to spend a lot of time with them..learn grow and share...

* but when she came i somehow knew it was for a LIFETIME..she won't change like the seasons will she leave when the 'reason'* is over and the need has been met..i knew she would stay for as long as ...ummmm....which one is longer? FOREVER or ALWAYS?? :)

"forever friends are such 
who smile it up and live it through..
who are as crazy as ever
 just like ME AND YOU!!"

ok... maybe we are not the 'best friends'...but perhaps! we are like the enemies that can't do without each other.. :p
let's parrdy BEEP!!... today is the day when my prayer (for a 'dil-se-dost') was fulfilled long ago.. :p

HAPPY BUDDAY BEEP!! (BTW, how old are you?? :p)

:) thanx for being there buddy...have fun..!


* ofcourse she is here for a 'reason'...yes! because i needed her to be.. :)


Sakshi said...

of course, i'm here forever. Even tho i change ever so often. All of us do. What with shedding all the dead cells and these days i bathe *everyday*(seesee, i'm smart) so like, NO dead cells ergo new skin, ergo new us! I change.

But you know what, even with change, some things(people), are constant. They stick to you, not because you are oh-so-cool-to-hang-out-with, but becuse they need you.

You may not know it, but you are that one stable centre (rock of Gibraltor sounded too lesbian. :P) which keeps them sane in their *happening* life.

You are that to me. I need you, which is why i won't leave. Which is why you'll not get rid of me!

Love ya beep.


Tara said...

Aww! So sweet! :) I guess it is too personal for me to comment. Anyway, here's wishing Sakshi an amazing year and cheers to your friendship and may it keep blossoming through the years to grow into one that will last a lifetime and beyond. :)

*Am missing my friends now! :(*

Nikkita mathur said...

aww...remember baby.."we r buddies"...dont miss'em come join us...let's parddy come on everybody let's parddy.... n abt our frienship
wo to
bhagwan bharose hi shuru hui
usi ke bharose char rhi hai
aur chalti rahegi

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