Friday, June 20, 2008

UDAAN-an attempt to fly higher

With an urge to make this summer a little constructive..(..And this does not include taking SPANISH TUTORIALS)..I planned doing something regular with a pinch of salt..And hence I got myself registered into a total youth organization that aims at mobilizing youth and fighting their problems to carve out a beautiful tomorrow..To cut edges of stone and bring out shining crystals…

So here is an outline of the objectives and precepts..I would appreciatiate if you would spare a little time with this post and read until finish...

UDAAN-an attempt to fly higher

As it has been aptly put through :-

“Good within meets the best outside”

With an attempt to ‘surge the roots’, udaan-a brainchild of a few youngsters wants to serve the nation in its own unique way. These young ‘boundless birds’ believe that a strong foundation and ingraining of inviolable ethical, moral, and spiritual esteems is indispensable to make the gen-next sensitive about their individualities..Udaan-an organization for and by the younkers exploits on the perception of coming ‘back to basics’..
Udaan is a step to attain the limits untouched..As said –

“A winner is a winner..In and out”

And so udaan helps oneself to win the struggles within..

The youth today will make the face of India tomorrow..But with the present distressed and unsated condition the futurity is a matter of uncertitude..Udaan assays to allay the youth out of this shell and wants to put across the face of India as surefooted, wielded and peerless!!

With an itch to clear the dark clouds, it intends to make all our friends realize the beauty of life and our cause of living..By bringing out the fears deep inside and filling the young hearts with confidence, joy and hope..
A hope of bigger and brighter tomorrow..

Udaan aims at achieving its objectives by serving as a bridge between the needful and the helpful..With a committee of renowned consultants, it fights the problems from the rootages by first getting the problem out and then helping us to pull through the dark..

As a proud member I pledge to serve as much and as many possible..To work for the benefit of the generation I belong and the ones that will walk our path..To identify myself and help others to discover themselves...people may call it a service to people or a social work but it is PATRIOTISM as I would like to put it across..

Hoping for the best....!!

Luv: nickku


Sakshi said...

oooh...that sounds cool.
And i didnt know you used words like uncertitude and futurity. Pretty cool. :P

And i never knew you were taking spanish tutorials! Traitor! Never told me! huh.

Sorry for not replying to the msgs..will do now. (Bas ek ka ni kia tha vese..tu to bahuton ka ni karti :D )

What plans aage ke? which college?

And keep writing.
Thanks for that lovely comment!

Tara said...

Welcome back Niccku. Nice to see you being such a socially responsible citizen, it has motivated me to take up something too...