Saturday, May 3, 2008


POOF!! i was tired of running here and there, reading eric segals - love story, watching SRK starrer...super-duper hits, reading legendery romeo and juliet, etc..etc..etc!!but still i found myself at the same place with the same question :where is love? where can i find it?? how am i supposed to know that who is my "prince perfect"..?? like my favorite fairy tales will i also find him in some old pond...cursed to be an ugly frog...just waiting to turn into a handsome prince when i kiss him?? (eeeeuuuu.....but i dont like frogs, can he not be cursed to turn into something better than a frog and also easy to kiss!!i wonder!!)
with all these bullets firing in my mind...i happened to attend a family wedding...(i just love our indian weddings) with good amount of work, good food, good clothes, good 'not-to-sleep' nights and yes! a good number of relatives, from all across the globe!! but this did not bother my search..running for the answer i did finally land-up into the end of my search...seeing the beautiful couple..i felt love all around me...filled through my core..rushed through my eyes and landed up as a tear on my right 'zygomatic arch'...(arrr...thats bio...i should mention here that it takes a lot of sessions to know that...)..
no um not talking about the bride and the groom...instead um talking about one of my grandma..and grandpa!! (um sure u dont wanna know the whole across the pedigree relation!!)my grandma..who took her last breath an year before had been bed stuck because of the dreaded palsy since last two decades (20yrz!!) and my grand-pa..keeping his own medical records aside..did all possible things for her...from waking her giving her bed tea...(with spoon) her face...polishing her shoes...painting her nails..searching for her pins...pinning up her hair into a bun...taking out that little flick!! (gran-pa told me that she loved it..and also that this was the first thing he had noticed in cute!! )

something pulled me down to the ground...where i sat watching both of them sharing their beaautiful 'WORD-LESS BONHOMIE'...!! i actualised that it is all a big circle..i was running after love...while love ran after me..!! (and thence, with a little combination of geometry and physics, you can understand that this is why i neva found love!! )...

the love that i was searching all over was no where but around me...inside i found is 'silent air' comes inside even if all the doors and windows are closed!! this realisation of love also enriched me with the sound-less lyrics of care...which has no rules..jus two people trussed together with trust and forbearance.....

so well!! for all those iso-aged champs who are on my pug-marks of finding love in their life..."guys , remember about that circle? what all u need to do is stand at your place and wait!!and trust me, this itself will bump into you!!" and for those who have learnt something from this write up...get is the love season....and love is in the air!!

thanks for reading my mind...
luv :nickku


Tanmay Khandelwal said...

sahi hai yaar.......kafi baar suna hai aisa....even i'm waitin for ma luv............wen it will come....i'll see it n face it.......n b together wid it.... :-)

i guess we dnt have to rush for will come wen it has to.....dnt wait n ur lyf d fullest....b together wid d flow...u may touch d shore someday....but i assure u dat somday u will get ur luv...xactly wat u need...n hopefully u will knw wen u have it....

Sakshi said...

Loved reading it..and i already told you what all i liked in it..

Frankly, the frog thingy was gross.[:D]
And how could u not like "the live story" by Erich Segal is beyond me..(I haven't read it but really looking forward to grab it some day..)
And can you please not show-off your bio-physics-math greek??
Just because i dont know that much doesnt give you the license to flaunt your knowledge n make others feel inferior! grrrrr (i dint know the zygomatic arch thingy.=( )

Okay yea..i guess i have bean mean enough. Cant do a better job of it..u know me! um such an angel! Cant be bad even to beeps like you =D
Its okay can pay me back for being sooo nice to u. Just burn those cds soon.

By the way, i LOVED the write-up. Just the kind of thing i needed to cheer me up! The whole thing about your grandpa-grandma was reallly really shweeeet!
Guess enough for tired of going round in circles and of typing.
Will give myself a hard earned break. Hope to bang into someone going round in that circle soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

i loved reading it...but dnt u thnk it was too far as i knw u..i thot u hav found ur true love....den wat are u looking for????

sakshi said...

tell tell..
what are you looking for?
anonymous thinks you have found your true love [:p]

I dunno about your case..but there are times when we find our true love but the true love is yet to find you. Once love finds you, thats when things begin to look up.

I really dint have to write this comment na?
Um bored. Have nothin better to do in life. I keep snooping. Doing things i should rather not do.
Bad me!

P.S.--Sorry nikku. U can delete it if you want. I wont mind. Seriously.

Nimesh said...


anuder 1.. from princess... ROckI'n

as always a cracker...
gives me goose bums..
um sure... raat bhar i'll keep on thinkin bout this nd conclude.. ki inna cute-cute mai kyu nahi soch paaya..

our life is made up of such pleasurable nd qweet moments...
wat makes it even more qweeter is..
our observance.. & our gratitude towards Mr. God...for givin us so much,...

Nd Miss mathur is hugely blessed with such observance..

muhaaaaz.. princess....!!!
keep writin... um sure..
many frogs wud fall in for such a sweetheart....!!

nikkita said...

@anonymous...thanks a lot for readin my mind..

well pls do tell me about my true love a lil more...cuz um dying to knoe him...n u seem to knoe a lot about him..

and about this being lenghty....i wud jus say that not all gud things cum in small packages!!..
anyways thanks for the comment...

abhishek said...

first of all miss mathur, whatz this "you've already found ur true love" thing....i m pretty curious about this one... of course ur post is interesting too... liked the part of grandma and grandpa and on that I'll quote mr. nimesh that u r blessed with such profound observance...but sweetie pie, besides such observance , you hafta develop one more thing... ability to create love...once you'll b capable of doing that then only u can see love coming towards u... just like fools rush in whr they find fools,love will rush whr it finds love... so either rush to it or let it rush to u...
(ha.. agar u already have found your true love , thn u might not perspire that much for it [ ;) ] )

And waiting for luv to come to u is utter bewkoofi, u hafta do something, hafta make it come to u yaar..wait karne waala funda bhi work karta hai.. but phir saara credit mr. fate and mr. god le jate hai... samjhi mere golu-molu...its a lovely thought... yo :)

Tara said...

Oh ho.....kya baat hai Nickku !!!
Very beautiful post yaar, of course with quite some Bio and Phy concepts But seriously, very nice post. True love will definitely locate you wherever you are.....have you heard the beginning part of the "Jeele Jelle ishq mein" song from U, me aur Hum. Quite like that. Kahin bhi ja ke chupo, ishq wahi aayega, ...Na na karo, utha ke le jayega........ok sorry I'm boring you now.

Anyway, three cheers for true love...

Rock on girl...Come fall in love (BTW, thats DDLJ tagline)


Tara said...

Hey Nickku

Where are you? Its been a long time since you posted dear? Please post, would love to read your mind...hee hee.


Anonymous said...

i m sure dat u hav already found ur true love.........

Anonymous said...

but i dnt want to disclose his name.........

Unconventional Energy said...

truly u r a cute princess,
yeas u r thinking right ,buttering u
for what i dont't know .....par sapne tumhaari aankhon mein bhi hai ...pyaar is in everybody's life yaar just feel it koi to hoga...