Tuesday, April 22, 2008

last day at skul!!!

april 2,2008

so well this marked the end ov my so called "GREEN N SALAD DAYS"...wid no signs ov the future.. n all memories of the past..this is a poem by my frnzz about our skul...about the best times ov our life..of the best place to me...my alma mater...cheerzz!!to d best chapter ov my buk..enjoy...

Last Day at School…

Its jus this one day that u get,

For de rest 12yrs of which u have to recollect,

Memories of incidents n fun with de friends,

On de day for which u pray it never ends...

When we bunked together n de marks were too few,

Thinking that another semester we have to continue,

Somehow struggling for marks enough to get passed,

Knowing that towards de canteen now we’ll have to rush up fast.

Not only then it was that we used to hide,

Running behind de bushes…squeezing up side by side,

Skipping up a heartbeat when de teacher caught our view,

Telling to each other, “Hey guys! Now we’re screwed…”

When we got together to study,

De time would never end,

Coz we always ended up gossiping about de latest trend,

At de time of exams…de things got worse,

When they got over ‘twas a boon! But de result was another curse…

With de GK test around,

Thinking what’s going on?

Planning to bunk it tomorrow,

N de next day…peeping for de answer to be passed on…

Always successful in escaping de class,

By jumping thru de window…despite of that wall,

Sincerely attending those BSt. Lectures,

Being a science student after all…!

Standing like professionals in front of de ice-cream parlour,

Begging for money n explaining our hunger,

But when professionalism gave up…we searched de roads,

To find some 1rupee coins or 2rupee notes…

Shouting at de fete…jiving at dandianites,

Simply laughing at de boys being beaten up outside,

From forgetting de badges to keeping de shoes clean,

From running in de hockey field to cleaning de school canteen!

Desperate to enjoy school life,

Planning to bunk de school n show our guts,

12 years went like a breeze…

N every time de scene is, “U first, no u first!”

It’s here where u walked in to learn,

With 2small ponies somewhere back in de queue,

Surrounded by taps open with tears,

And Miss Joshi staring at u!

Despite of the principal’s terror,

Apart from de captains’ rule,

I wish I could double de time spent here,

Just like de letter O in de word- School !!

So now as I terminate my poem on this note,

Its good-bye to my teachers n ‘thank god’ for de rest,

Transcribing 12 years of my life in these 12paras,

Not forgetting de times of mischief n zest,

I feel proud to wear this brand named MGD,

Having my roots firm, now as I fly out of my nest,

From cheering n fighting for de school

To crying in V std. for de monthly tests,

From ‘MGD is the best’

to ‘Our Utmost for the Highest’.


abhishek said...

hey sweet buns, thatz a really cool poem...tell this to ur frnd n jot one urself girl...
beleive me, i enjoyed reading it as much as u've enjoyed posting it...way to go girl... yo :)

asheesh said...

fantastic ma`am!!!!
i relived my schooldays... it was awsome nikita!!!
u know!! it always reward u when you do smthin..spcly rewarrds in terms of felling!!!
great nikita!! keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

Very much attactive! Keep going....

Pankaj Kumar said...

Very much attactive! Keep going....