Sunday, April 27, 2008


never have i fallen like this before,
but im quickly on my way..
mother, i've always rested my heart in your hands,
that has never before been given away!!

i love the way you make me so happy,
and the ways you show you care..
i love the way you say "TRUST ME"
and the way you are always there!!

i love the way you solve my worries,
and wish for me to be fine..
i love that you are always with me,
and i am so glad that you are mine!!

i love your warm smile
and your kind,thoughtfull way..
i love the way you scold me first,
and then teach me to smile everyday!!

i love it when i am with you,
and problems seem to drift away..
my trust continues to grow for you.
with each passing day!!

you bring a joy to my heart,
i have never felt with anyone now or before..
with each touch of your caressing hand,
i trust you more and more!!

you love me when i am happy,
and even when im sad..
you love when im good,
and you love me more..when im oh! so bad!!

you tell me what it is to share life together,
an that 'forgiving' is what one should do..
you tell me what it is to work side-by-side,
and how it feels when dreams come true!!

to have you is to have someone special,
upon whom you can always depend..
you have shared my laughter and tears,
as a partner,a lover and a friend!!

to have you is to make special memories,
of moments i love to recall..
from all the good things that life brings,
mother, you are greatest of all!!

there is a special world for you and me,
there is a special bond one can not see..
like silken threads it holds us fast,
bonds like this are meant to last!!

for you i would walk the hottest desert sand,
or cross the river most wide..
but i can not make it up to you,
for always being there by my side!!

for you are the one,my blue fairy!
that has stepped out of my dreams..
you have given me my first breath mother,
and showed me what caring means!!

i can write like this,
from first light until when stars begin to shine..
but like all good things i'll have to end,
with these few closing lines..

these seven words that i would now say,
i pray you will always hold true..

"forever and always mother,
i will always 'LOVE YOU'!!"


so well!! this was to thank the person who has always been with me good times or bad..the person who has given me all i have today..thank you mother!!


Sakshi said...

Your best poem so far.

nikkita said...

thanks...waise how many of my poems have you read madam to say that??

abhishek said...

good going sweet is not only lovely,but its really thoughful.. and it shows that side of urs that is usually hidden, or may b misunderstood...your love for your mom, i hope whatever you have crafted in ur poem would b wht u actully have in ur heart...
And one more thing...
Do make chachi read that....
It is really zhakas.... yo :)

abhishek said...

... and yes , u were right..., the poem of urs is on the topic that could hardly i could hardly guess..;)

abhishek said...

... my god, i still don't believe its u...
yaar b this way, this is sweet and nice and good and cool and pretty and lovely and adorable and awsome... and .... gosh, i ran out of words dude.... yo :)

nikkita said...

thanks bhaiya!!for these sweet thoughts..and i totally agree..tat this is a hidden side of mine!!and perhaps it wud alwayzz be!!not because im scared or something but jus because it has always been this way..and i love it this way!! somethings are best until untouched..both of us are happy the way we are now..wen she scolds me,atleast i knoe that she is interested in wat i've done..thats enuf!!!

Tanmay Khandelwal said...

yaar....really such a nice poem...MOTHER..really felt it was just for al ov us..A TRIBUTE to al mothers....worth effort yaar.....i guess "Kaise banai yaar...!!!! wo bhi itni mast.."

hey ya......go ahead yaar......shinin n bright colours r cumin out ov ya in der full swing....n yet we(specialy me) r showered and touched with d bst :-)

tanmay mathur said...

surely every mom deserves this verse.....
so nicely written... mummy ko zaroor padhaoonga

Nimesh said...

Poems on mommys are always nice...!!

dis lil sum lines from mah side as well..

um nt such a great magician as u..
a rookie writer/.....

Thanks ma for being there for me,
I find God in your being.
I cherish my wins,when you pat my back,
it seems as all the happiness has come to my sack.
I am sorry for all my faults and lies,
I hope this would not affect our ties.
You do all to make me happy,
cook me delcious meals and keep my wants handy.
You saved me a million a times from dad's scolds,
you took great care for me in warms and colds.

nikkita said...

thanks nims...

n i dont think i need to mention how good these lines are...
keep writing and reading my posts!!

chinu said...

hi nikkita.......
Its as gd poem as Mom's is....
In truth facinatin sewing of words on the greatest subject eva....
keepin goin dear...

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