Monday, November 17, 2008

"I SUCK*" a a a a 'NOBODY'...hell!! yeah!!...even as a complete stranger...

*suck=Be inadequate or objectionable or unwanted..
(for all those who are congenitally pervert..)


Tara said...

Awww Niccku! I really don't know what happened, and am not interested...but what I do know is what you have posted now is in a fit of rage, I know you'll laugh over it after sometime, when you are calmer. All I want to say is that you are really special to all of us here, and your presence matters a lot! Hell! Yes! ;)

You mean a lot to me, a very dear friend whom I treasure! And I am sure you mean a lot to your parents and your friends too! They love you girl!

And stop saying "I suck"! That's the worst you could do to yourself! You are a wonderful human being and that reflects from the sheer innocence of your posts! I know you'll come out of this mess soon, I believe you! Ab chal hansde yaar! Yeh hui na baat! :)

Sakshi said...
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Sakshi said...

Look now i really wanted to sympathise and go all u-know-u-are-none-of-it-beep and you'll get over it bull, despite knowing that i'll only be stating the obvious.
BUT then you showed your bheja (or lack thereof) with that footnote.

Good thinking! i say, with as much sarcasm i can muster. I wonder how many boys' hearts you would have broken had you not clarified your sucking status.


Get over it soon, pissed-y. And you know my number if you need it. :D *Cheeez* ;)

nikkita said...

@chiku da sayz:
well girl, what can I say, its good to express what you feel, but dear, its not good to feel what you've just expressed. ANd believe me my pumpkin, you've made me think that I m wrong and what I say has no value coz I always say that (most of ur friends says that too) u r cool and sweet and adorable and whatnot and i (we) love u a lot..
don't made me think that.. plz... and keep smiling....yo :)

nisargmeister said...

na na dont worry maintain wateva you have said...duznt piss anyone off...not me me...foe me....u are the same stupid idiotic peela kaddu....aur a pink pumpkin.....famjhey????

Priya Joyce said...

u don't suck k u r very nice sweet cool gal ..u rock..

Anonymous said...

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