Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I scribble..I doodle..
It’s a dream from my fable..
I’m writing on this paper..
It’s lying on my table..!!

I dream of a place..
It’s a world in itself..
I dream of a place..
With fairies and elf..!!

Its love all around..
The sky hugs the ground..
Beyond the trees I try to see..
It’s a beautiful place for just..
You and me..!!

I dream of place..
It has the sea most wide..
I dream of a place..
With you by my side..!!

Its cold all around..
Calm water..Makes no sound..
I’m talking of the place.
Where our our new home I see..
I’m talking of the place..
Where together we’d be..!!

But ouch!! Something hurts..
Why am I in all this pain..
Why am I loosing my sight..
Am I falling into sleep yet again??

What is this place..
Is it the same dream?
Flowers on my window..
Are shining under the ‘divine’ beam!!

Aah!! It hurts again//
Yet again I feel the pain..
Why is everyone around me crying?
Is it just this dream..

The man I saw in my dream..
Is here, holding my hand..
I struggle to look at his finger..
Yeah!! It still has our wedding band..!!

Fire and fire,
Was suddenly, all I could see..
Fire oh fire..
Its prey the other night was..

He asked me for a wish..
I hunted for a perfect reply..
It was my ‘LAST WISH’ after all..
How could he deny??

‘I LOVE YOU’ , I said..

just may be an hour more of the 'death-play'..and the girl collapsed into the world of 'nothingness'..the poem is written about a girl who fell victim to a fire hazard..just 2 days after her engagement party..she was forced to go into 'the-dreamless-long-slumber'..jus when she started to dream of her coming new life..it was an incident i came across a few months back..and again in a dream..4 days back..

P.S.~it took me almost 2 days to write this poem..mainly because of my struggle with myself to recollect the incident..which i promised to myself..i never will..but yeah!! its finally out..and out beautifully..phew!!
may her soul 'REST IN PEACE..'



Antriksh Satyarthi said...

first time i landed on your blog...
great poem though a very sad incident...

till d next time

Sakshi said...

umm..beautifully penned. Words fail me; which forebodes that i stand the risk of failig my exams soon too. :(

But seriously, good beep!
You're improving.


nikkita said...

welcome to my blog..thanx for comment..
keep visiting..

nikkita said...

heyy!! where are you darling...have tried your cell so many times..it isnt reachable..
so call me or msg weneeva u see this msg..
thanx for the comment...improving ...'me' well yeah!! thanx...

The Dreamy Princess said...

nice...though i know u can do loads better than that...really..uve got it in u..

gaurangi said...

heya nikkita
very beautiful a poem , although a really tough incident behind...
u really wrote down those things so emotionally, i can feel the situation the girl would be running n shivering through... such a difficult things happen in life sumtimes na...
otherwise well written

nikkita said...

@dreamy princess..
yeah!! i bet the best is yet to come..keep coming..

nikkita said...

hey!! thanx..life could be tough at times indeed..!!

Tara said...

Mashallah Niccku! Beautiful work! You got into the mind and the soul of the girl so beautifully! Very well written! It is so graphically described, it's almost as if I am living the life of the girl! Beautiful Niccku! Keep the good work going! Looking forward to more great stuff...:)

nikkita said...

thanx gurly..hell yeah!!
n prolly that is the worst part cuz once i get into her mind its so hard to cum out of it..
i pray u never get any such thing tos see in life...

udaan....a youth organization said...

bidu ... bohat accha hai ..bu mera dil abhi kachha hai ... itna pain ..itni agony mein teri creativity se jyada uss ladhki ka dard dominat ho gaya ... newaz .. i alwz sad.. ur too gud in painting wid words ..i literally felt d pain "last wish " casting gone thru ... keep it up!! get going..one advice -- now lez write a blog on positive side of dis story! i l guide u .. if u wish!

nikkita said...

yeah!! for sure why not...u know um alwaz ready for these kind of talks with you...:)
to when shud i drop in?

chinu said...

Hey hi..
I am chinmay frm Udaan....
Dis is d 2nd blog of urs n 3 rd time this blog that I m reading....
Incomparably written thoughts....
It 1st made me realiz how gd writer u r and in last wen u mentioned d story it just made n impact dat u r equally good person who could feel d pain of others....
keep writtin.....

rakhee said...

i cant still believe u wrote it...too good.i felt the pain...and that shows hw well u hv written smoneone elses untold experience...

Matangi Mawley said...

good work!

blog updtd..