Wednesday, November 5, 2008


a lot happened since i penned down down my last post and jotted down this one latest...

i guess it has almost been 3 weeks, i turned 19..(biiieeeeggg gurl:P)...had fun partied..went out of town..deepawli..had an ear surgery..and more...the only thing i did not do i guess..was posting here...and yeah!!! i missed it...was on rest..wasnt allowed to surf even..(hrmphh!!!)..but out of my long slumber!!! and posting...

along with all the other things...i did..i also finished 2 of the novels...that i had been reading..(actually not-really-reading)..since 2months i guess....

have nothing much to write here...just a small poem..i read in one of the books..the other in your comments if u like-it..(the poyam :P)


dog-eared covers

enclose fading text..

missing pages i seek

unknown chapters ahead..!!!

writing my dreams

in the blank pages ahead..

line after line filled

with hopes in my head..!!!

it may well..change,

like chalk on slate..

but atleast il know

the author was me..




lv:nickku :


Tara said...

Loved the poem! So true, we are the author of our own lives, just like I wrote in my post by the name of Filmy Funda. :) And finally you are back, missed you loads dear! :`) And take good care of yourself, eat properly and just be good, so that next time we won't have the chance of missing you at all! (which means you will be regular ;P) Also, thank you for such a sweet comment, aapki beti aakhir badi ho hi gayi...lolz ;D

PS. My gmail is having some problems, so am commenting with that name, url thing...arghhh!

nikkita said...

argghhh!!!! problems with gmail...awww!!!
thanx for the comment...n yeah!!! will surely take gud care...


nisargmeister said...

welcome the blog i mean...with pattis and all removed now u'll be back to ur best....well the post was an informative one so nuthin much to say..but keep rocking...

Sakshi said...

Tell me about that last pic in the post. And sorry i have not been replying to your msgs :(
I know you are better, will come in dec but wont need to jalaao you, right? :P


DarkLord said...

hey!! i updated .. do check it out..

nikkita said...

yeah!! sure..

wil just..BTW did ya jus forget commenting about the poem??

nikkita said...

yeah!! um good...i know u've been busy lately...koi na...
n abt the jalao thing....suit urself sweetbuns...

C R D said...

WOW!! Amazing yaar..u know i was thinking of this concept too yaar. actually i wanted a concept of a poem or short story in which id put personally clicked pics

for example..if i was writing

"one day i was walking (pic of my feet) on the road early in the morning. the sun (picture of the sun - taken by me myself) shone bright....

etc etc

get it?
Nice one re :)


do lemme know if u like the concept

nikkita said...

ahan..!!so i took ur cherry??
BTW i think it is a gud concept..and also cuz then we wud also be lucky to see ur photography skills after the blogging and doodling ones..

even if u dont do that..we'll still love u and ur blog..:P

\,,/ rock on..!

Rajesh said...

Wow!!! Tat was ACTUALLY good....m visiting a blog after a long time...reading this makes me wonder why i was outta blogger all these days...tempting me to get back to blogger..

Was such a sweet write-up...straight frm the heart n HEART-FELT..Loved it...

Nice one :) keep writing..

nikkita said...

hey great to have u back...finally!! i motivated sumbody to do sumthing good!!:D (comment on my blog :P)
thanku thanku thanku.. =)

The Dreamy Princess said...

hey iz cooll
keep postin
hope u voted on my blog

Matangi Mawley said...

lovely poetry yaar! very good write up too! :) keep it rolling!

nikkita said...

@dreamy princess..
thanx..yeah i did!!
u too keep writing

nikkita said...

heya!! thanx a lot..:D..LEARNING..:P
keep coming..