Friday, April 25, 2008

reading about my sure u will love to go through these pics and videos...!!!enjoy..!!


Tara said...

Hey Nickku !!

Thanks for that really sweet post Nickku.....I luv calling u that..ha ha. Really cute photos must say, all of you looking very pretty :) I had been away in B'lore so couldn't thank you earlier. You write well, and am glad you feel so strongly for your friends.

Sometimes, in the humdrum of life, we forget to thank all those people who have been important to us, and I am happy that you have done that.

Well, keep posting girl, and maybe we are just some distant 'relatives'. I crack some of the weirdest PJs, so you'll have to bear with me ;)

Thanks once agen.
Be good. Be happy.

Ciao and love

Tara said...
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nikkita said...

thanks tara!!

i knoe...nickku is a real sweet name...and so very close to my heart...i luv it wen ppl call me by that name..!!so thanks..n about those PJs i think it wud'nt be a lot tough for used to chill!!and as i hav mentioned feels gud to read ur keep posting.!!